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From Siegfried Goeschl <>
Subject Re: Apache Commons & ApacheCon Europe 2014
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2014 18:47:21 GMT
Hi folks,

so judging from the conversation we have volunteers for Apache Commons VFS :-)

Reclaiming the message thread - who else would like to present his/her pet component?

Thanks in advance

Siegfried Goeschl

On 17 Apr 2014, at 17:28, Schalk Cronjé <> wrote:

> On 17/04/2014 23:45, Mark Fortner wrote:
>> Schalk,
>> It's my understanding that new providers in NIO2 are simply added using the
>> ServiceLoader.
>> Cheers,
>> Mark
> Hi Mark,
> Maybe I should have explained better,
> In Apache VFS one can either add custom providers via a META-INF/vfs-providers.xml file
(behaviour of StandardFileSystemManager). This means just compiling a JAR accordingly and
have it available on the classpath. Let's call this Approach A.
> Alternatively one can call addProvider (on DefaultFileSystemManager) directly. This is
quite useful in certain circumstances to do this programmatically. This is Approach B.
> With NIO2 loading occurs by providing a META-INF/services/java.nio.file.spi.FileSystemProvider
file and ServiceLoader should take care of it. This is effectively the NIO2 way of Approach
> What I am saying is that I would like to have an Approach B for NIO2 as well, except
that I have seen no clear way of accomplishing it. It could just be a lack of knowledge on
my side.
>> On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 3:31 PM, Schalk Cronj é <> wrote:
>>> On 17/04/2014 22:38, Bernd Eckenfels wrote:
>>> <snip/>
>>>  But theoretically both is possible: consume FileSystems as a provider
>>>> or implement an adapter which makes a VFS filesystem(manager) to
>>>> provide the FileSystem SPI.
>>> I have been playing with that and it looks possible, but it is far from
>>> trivial. The meagre documentation or even lack of published success in
>>> writing NIO2 providers shows that this is a road less travelled. I have
>>> looked at the supplied ZIP example that comes with the JDK and IMHO still
>>> very much prototype code.
>>>  I think VFS has some things going for it that I could not see in NIO2 -
>>> even something as simple as having two schemes for one provider. In
>>> addition, adding providers on the fly is easy in VFS, by just calling
>>> addProvider on FilesystemManager. From my initial investigation I could not
>>> see a clear way of doing the equivalent in NIO2. There will be more things
>>> like these, I am sure.
>>> I am very interesting in where this is going in future and the maintainer
>>> of Groovy VFS, I have a vested interest. I might be interested to go to
>>> Budapest in November if this gets discussed.
>>> <snip/>
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>>> Schalk W. Cronjé
>>> @ysb33r
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> Schalk W. Cronjé
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