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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject [compress] Planning 1.8 Release
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2014 07:03:36 GMT
Hi all,

this is a heads-up that I intend to cut a RC for Compress 1.8 soon.  We
have accumulated a few bugfixes and at least COMPRESS-264 is pretty

I've already updated the website from trunk (basically to have the new
skin online) so you can already have a look at the reports.

Before I cut the release I intend to spike a solution for COMPRESS-257
which could bring us about six new filters supported as 7z methods
because they are supported by XZ for Java - if this turns out to be more
difficult than it looks right now, I wouldn't delay the release for it.
I don't intend to work on any other issue before the release, so if you
want anything else to go in, please speak up.

Apart from the bugfixing we've added better support for 7z compression
methods - you can now chose a stack of more than one method when writing
(this has always been possible when reading), pass options to the
methods and use different configurations per entry.  The core of this
are the new get/setContentMethods methods in SevenZOutpuzFile and
SevenZArchiveEntry along with the new SevenZMethodConfiguration class.
I'm notoriously bad at naming and am not too sure about the API I've
created, so any feedback on either or the minimal documentation I've
added to Javadoc and the examples page is more than welcome.



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