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From Thomas Neidhart <>
Subject [math] Release planning for 3.3
Date Sat, 08 Feb 2014 17:25:19 GMT

I think we are very close to releasing 3.3.
Looking through the issues, the following should/need to be resolved:

TN (in progress):

 * [MATH-1071] Improve genetic algorithms section in userguide
 * [MATH-1061] Improve filter section in userguide
 * [MATH-749] Convex Hull algorithm: almost finished


 * [MATH-1065] EnumeratedRealDistribution.inverseCumulativeProbability

   should be fixed imho, I outlined an algorithm but would like to have
   some feedback

 * [MATH-923] Kohonen's SOFM: can it be considered finished?
 * [MATH-928] Alternative approach to matrix implementations:

   postpone to 4.0?

 * [MATH-990] Improve performance of MathArrays.sortInPlace:

   finished for 3.3?

Other issues to be discussed:

 * [MATH-1008]

   a new package has been created o.a.c.m.fitting.leastsquares which
   contains some interface for the new fluent API but they are also
   used elsewhere so I guess it would be more logical to put them in a
   more general place, e.g. WithMaxEvaluations should be moved to
   o.a.c.m.optim. WDYT?

 * Clirr errors in o.a.c.m.geometry and sub-packages
   there are now ~30 errors wrt changed interfaces due to some
   refactoring. What shall we do about them?


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