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From Benedikt Ritter <>
Subject Re: [graph][PATCH] Getting started with graph-commons
Date Sun, 19 Jan 2014 21:30:31 GMT

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> Am 19.01.2014 um 17:34 schrieb Rogério Brito <>:
> Dear people,

Hello Rogério, welcome to the dev ML!

> I am just re-learning Java (it's been a long time since I last used the
> language) and an ex-student of mine (kinow) told me that there were many
> projects hosted by Apache that were in need of contributors, especially
> those that need some more domain-specific knowledge.

Nice that Bruno brought you here, helping hands are always welcome.

> I figured out that commons-graph would be a good place to start and I am
> just reading the code (and trying to figure what is infra-structure from
> what is real code), but, while doing that, I produced 3 test cases for an
> issue in JIRA (which was opened Simone Tripodi).

I don't know about the current state of [graph], it has been a long time since I saw the last
commit there. The problem here is, that Simone Tripodi, who was one of the main developers
of graph hasn't been very active lately. I've always wanted to dig into graph myself, but
never really found the time. I don't have a very deep background in graph theory, so I expect
it to be pretty difficult for me to get working with the code base.

> I sent the patches there, but kinow told me that the Apache-way is via
> mailing lists (which I think is good, BTW). The issue in question is:
> It is listed as Priority: Major and I guess that I can produce many more
> (pathological or not) test cases and contribute back those tests.

I'll review your patch tomorrow evening (CET) and give you some feedback.

> Here is my original message to the bug tracker:
> ,----
> | Hi there.
> | 
> | Just to test the waters (and to learn some Java), I have implemented two
> | simple test cases for Dijkstra's algorithm, essentially mimic'ing what was
> | already done in the previous examples. Please, be gentle with me, as this is
> | my first Java programming since the times of JDK1.1 (and I have a bunch of
> | new syntax to catch up with).
> `----
> which was shortly followed up with:
> ,----
> | Oh, just for the record, the patches that I sent are obviously in git's
> | format-patch format.
> | 
> | I have cloned the SVN repository as a git repository, since I have lots of
> | difficulties with SVN, if that is of interest to any other members. I can
> | host it under my github account, if that's desired (and I will probably do,
> | since converting from SVN to git took way too many hours).
> `----

We have git mirrors for most of our proper components [1] which are also been mirrored to
github [2]. Maybe we can setup a mirror for graph as well, although it is a sandbox component.

> Would anybody be interested in such contributions?

Patches are always welcome! If you intend to get involved it would be good if you could file
an Individual Contributor License Agreement [3]. It makes things a lot easier.



> Thanks in advance,
> Rogério Brito.
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