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From Duncan Jones <>
Subject [LANG] Etiquette for clearing warnings
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2014 16:14:40 GMT

Currently Eclipse is showing me 20 warnings for the lang code-base,
mostly unnecessary imports and unnecessary (or missing)
@SuppressWarnings statements.

Is it generally acceptable to file a commit that attempts to swot a
few (or all) of these in one go?

And perhaps more importantly, do other people see the same warnings
about @SuppressWarnings? I know these are compiler-specific, so
perhaps people not using Eclipse are not seeing these. Eclipse, for
example, doesn't accept

  @SuppressWarnings( "Deprecation" )

as the same as

  @SuppressWarnings(  "deprecation" )

and flags it as an unsupported annotation.

I don't want to irritate half the team by changing the code base to
suit my IDE, possibly creating further warnings for their own
preferred IDE. But equally I tend to try and keep any project
completely free of errors.

Advice welcome!

Kind regards,


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