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From Thomas Vandahl>
Subject Re: [JCS] Build and test issues
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2014 17:24:38 GMT
Hi Sebastian,

On 09.01.14 14:01, sebb wrote:
> I had to update the JCS build to 1.6 on Continuum
Thanks for fixing this. How would I get access to the build settings to
maintain this myself next time?

> It then ran, but the test was still running after 35 mins so I killed it
> Unfortunately the log appears to have been killed as well and has
> disappeared, but AFAIR it was doing some kind of UDP? Discovery?
The build runs a quite comprehensive set of tests (406 IIRC). This may
take a while. There *are* some tests that involve TCP and UDP
connections. Is there any problem with that in the Continuum
environment? Gump used to work.

> I have now changed the CI build to skip tests, and it fails with
> "assembly descriptor not found".
> I may find time to fix this, but thought I'd better let the list know anyway.

The call to the assembly plugin is situated in the "apache-release"
profile, not in "release". Could that be it? I wanted to avoid the
all-in-source-package that the Apache parent POM creates.

Bye, Thomas.

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