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From "Bruno P. Kinoshita" <>
Subject [lang] Failing tests in lang/trunk due to time zone
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2014 13:40:27 GMT
Hi all, 

LANG-942 and LANG-943 were related to tests failing due to time zones. The latter is related
to a specific time zone (America/Sao_Paulo), and only happens in my environment because it
is using the day that DST started in 2005. 

For the sake of curiosity, I set up a Jenkins job to build commons-lang from the trunk and
`mvn clean test -e -X -Duser.timezone=${timezone}` for each given time zone (it is a multi
config job with a user axis, fwiw).

The results can be seen here:

There are many different errors, inclusive for time zones within Brazil that work (America/Maceio,
while America/Sao_Paulo fails) and others in Asia, Australia, Mexico, etc). 

I think some tests can be rewritten to be time zone agnostic, or we may have some hidden bug

Just food for thought :^) not a blocker for new releases I think. The job took quite some
time to finish, but the URL is parameterized, so in the future I plan to run it against tags
and for different JDK's too.

Bruno P. Kinoshita 

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