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From Thomas Neidhart <>
Subject [collections] MultiMap clash with Java 8
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2013 21:49:19 GMT

during the vote for collections 4.0 we have discovered a problem wrt the
MultiMap interface in general and specifically the MultiKeyMap.

Java 8 introduces a new default method in the Map interface:

 boolean remove(Object key, Object value)

This clashes with the method in MultiMap:

 V remove(K key, V value)

and the remove methods for multiple keys in MultiKeyMap:

 V remove(K key1, K key2)

Just changing the return type does not solve the problem, as one can not
re-define a method in an interface without using the @Override
annotation, but this would only work when compiling with JDK 8 and fail
for other JDKs.

For the MultiKeyMap it would be semantically wrong too, thus I propose a
name change.

For MultiMap:

 boolean removeMapping(K key, V value)

For MultiKeyMap (for all remove(K ...) methods):

 V removeMultiKey(K key1, K key2)
 V removeMultiKey(K key1, K key2, K key3)

In the case of the MultiMap, I think returning a boolean makes more
sense, similar as Java 8 does it.

For the MultiKeyMap, returning the previously mapped value is preferable

Any objections?


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