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From "Daniel Savarese" <>
Subject Re: [FTP] Exposing the LIST data connection's InputStream
Date Fri, 08 Nov 2013 16:05:34 GMT

In message <>
>While using FTPClient on an Android application I was developing, I found
>myself wishing I could attach a CountingInputStream to LIST requests. This
>was because I was requesting very large file lists on a slow connection.

This is just a suggestion.  The simplest way to achieve your goal with
no code modifications is to:

1. Subclass and override getInputStream() so that it
   wraps the result of super.getInputStream() with CountingInputStream.
2. Implement a that returns such sockets and use
   it with FTPClient via SocketClient.setSocketFactory.

That will only work for passive mode (see _openDataConnection_()).  If not
using passive mode, then you need to a little more work, but can still
accomplish your goal via wrappers and a custom ServerSocketFactory.

>I thought I could contribute to the net.ftp project by adding a method to
>the api that somehow exposed the stream, so that users can do what they
>want with it.

I would suggest that any such feature be implemented via the generic
route I described (i.e., add the support classes to make it easy to
do) instead of a feature-specific manner.  Given the current hooks,
it should not require any modifications to FTPClient.  That is just
my opinion and nothing more.  A class that delegates all operations to
Socket that can be easily subclassed to override Socket functions could
be useful (along with a similar one for ServerSocket), making it easy
to implement arbitrary customizations in conjunction with socket factories.


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