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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Commons Wiki] Update of "MathWishList" by ThomasNeidhart
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2013 07:18:02 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "MathWishList" page has been changed by ThomasNeidhart:

Remove features already implemented

   * Add more special math functions such as Bessel functions and so on.
   * Add support for iterative linear solvers (see discussion [[<>|]]):
see wiki page IterativeLinearSolvers
   * Add remedian statistic - [[|The Remedian:
a Robust Averaging method for Large Data Sets]]
-  * Add ability to compute the density of normal distribution and other well behaved distributions
(done for some distributions
   * Add ability to sample from some of the common distributions such as normal, gamma, beta
and so on.
   * Add Dirichlet, Multinomial distributions
-  * Add additional alternative pseudo-random number generators (PRNGs)
   * Investigate alternative methods for generating values from discrete distributions
   * Resampling
   * Applied-mathematical/Mathematical-physics algorithms? - Henri Yandell
@@ -21, +19 @@

    * [[|Post-SOC TODO List]] - Xiaogang Zhang
   * Implement monte carlo simulation
   * [[PrimeNumbers|Prime Numbers Functionality]] -- SharonLourduraj
-   * Naive Primality Testing
-   * Probablistic Tests
    * Ofcourse, we will take it slowly, this area is vast and time consuming.
    * Implementing algorithms for practicality, and look into optimizing the algorithms (in
terms of implementing it).
   * AbstractStorelessUnivariateStatistic.evaluate(...) and all the workhorse implementations
in subclasses should be static methods. -- NickGuenther
   * StandardDeviation has versions of .evaluate which take a precalculated mean. It would
be nice if the same sort of thing could be had for all the other measures (e.g. skewness &
kurtosis should be able to take both precalculated means and standard deviations) -- NickGuenther
   * Generalized Matrix Inversion, as I describe on -- Rand Huso
   * Estimation of Omega in GLSMultipleLinearRegression using, for example Feasible Generalized
Least Squares
-  * Add [[|convolution]], [[|Laplace
transform]], [[|Z-transform]] and similar signal/image
processing and filtering related essentials.
+  * Add [[|Laplace transform]], [[|Z-transform]]
and similar signal/image processing and filtering related essentials.
   * Add further functionality for BigDecimal and BigInteger arithmetic in particular a power
function that will input two BigDecimal type numbers and raise one to the power of the other
and return the result correct to a number of specified decimal places. This may best be added
to the util.MathUtils class along with other pow functions - suggested by Andy Turner (2011-01-20)
   * Add fitter functions for linear models similar to ''lm.wfit'' in ''R''(2011-11-14)
   * A mixed integer linear programming solver
   * A quadratic programming solver
-  * Implement the Kendall's Tau which is a measure of Association/Correlation between ranked
ordinal data.[[]] 

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