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From Sean Owen <>
Subject [MATH] Repurposing a deprecated constructor in EigenDecomposition
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2013 11:23:17 GMT
In MATH-1045 ( we have
discussed adding a zero threshold tolerance to EigenDecomposition just
like QRDecomposition has. This involves adding a new constructor with
a new double parameter.

Just one problem: there's already such a constructor:

     * Calculates the eigen decomposition of the given real matrix.
     * @param matrix Matrix to decompose.
     * @param splitTolerance Dummy parameter (present for backward
     * compatibility only).
     * @throws MathArithmeticException  if the decomposition of a general matrix
     * results in a matrix with zero norm
     * @throws MaxCountExceededException if the algorithm fails to converge.
     * @deprecated in 3.1 (to be removed in 4.0) due to unused parameter
    public EigenDecomposition(final RealMatrix matrix,
                              final double splitTolerance)
        throws MathArithmeticException {

Reusing this constructor would introduce a functionally incompatible
change, as the previous meaning of this value was different.

What are people's thoughts on proceeding anyway for a minor point
release like 3.3?
Or, best saved for 4.x?


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