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From Gary Gregory <>
Subject Re: [CHALLENGE] Move All of Commons to the Dormant
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2013 12:39:54 GMT
On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 2:15 AM, Phil Steitz <> wrote:
> On 10/14/13 10:59 PM, Paul Libbrecht wrote:
>> Le 15 oct. 2013 à 07:33, Dave Brosius <> a écrit :
>>> I couldn't disagree more. Dormant/attic means the project has leprosy. I don't
know the answer to this, but wondering, has there ever been a commit to an attic'ed project?
I personally would never think of doing that.
>> As probably the only person that "supports"' Jelly, a dormant to be for sure, I find
the word leprosy outrageous.
>> I am happy to stay on list, I even read posts regularly, but I cannot find time or
motivation to fix bugs or do new releases. I respond to any Jelly question I find.
>> Jelly has gone 1.0 and is in use here and there.
>> I would expect users to be interested to make it advance to come to jira and suggest
fixes; I am happy to negotiate them and apply them, and maybe, if things get excited, there
might be a release one day.
>> However, moving it to a place where you would never commit would sign its death.
> The proposal is not to move it anywhere, just designate it as
> dormant so people know no one is currently working on it.

We could avoid labeling a project with any words by simply listing the
last release date. Each project in turn could have a section in its
overview with a history of releases. This would help users make up
their mind.


> it is basically *acknowledging* its currently dead state.  If you
> intend to work on it, you can commit to the svn file hen posted top
> of this thread.  If you disagree with the whole idea of designating
> things as dormant, you can state that here.  I don't get the
> awfulness of saying something is dormant.  Says nothing about the
> quality or usefulness or whether someone might pick it up later -
> just nobody is working on it now.
> Phil
>> Paul
>> PS: there's a zillion software units not in active development running in your own
computer and they do their job.
>> PPS: is this thread the thread I should find instructions with to make sure Jelly
is not retired? That's not what I have seen but I fear having missed something.
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