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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject [math] MathIllegalArgumentException
Date Mon, 21 Oct 2013 15:24:11 GMT
I hate to open this can of worms again, but the following is just
too painful for me to ignore.  From recent mods to
BinomialConfidenceInterval javadoc:
     * @throws NumberIsTooLargeException if {@code numberOfSuccesses
> numberOfTrials}.

The "NumberIsTooLarge" exception adds exactly zero to what would be
more natural - just throw MathIAE.  Fortunately, the message is at
least still there in the code:

if (numberOfSuccesses > numberOfTrials) {
            throw new
numberOfTrials, true);

The "NumberIsTooLarge" is ridiculous.  What number?  Why isn't the
second number "too small?"  If we really are going insist on
defining and advertising lots of little subexceptions to MathIAE, we
need to define appropriate ones, or just leave MathIAE.  My vote is
to just allow throwing MathIAE with a descriptive message.  If we
insist on adding subexceptions for everything, in this case, we need
something like


and in another set of changes that I am about to commit that will
end up similarly mangled,  I will need


I would like to get full community input on this topic for once and
for all and either add a slew of new exceptions so what we throw is
meaningful in the context of the caller, or just allow MathIAE to be
thrown directly.

So please all be brief and specify your preference for one of the
two options below:

0) allow MathIAE to be thrown directly with an informative message

1) define caller-meaningful exceptions for situations such as
insufficient data, invalid subset size, invalid probability, invalid
interval, ...

I would much prefer 0), but if consensus is 1), I will start adding
exceptions so what we throw is meaningful and open a ticket to clean
up for 4.0.


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