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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [jci] New release?
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2013 14:35:55 GMT
Le 08/10/2013 12:02, Torsten Curdt a écrit :
> Not sure what has changed since the last release but a release is certainly
> overdue.

Here is the list of user visible changes I compiled from JIRA and the
SVN history. Let me know if I forgot something important.

Fixed bugs:

o Fixed a NPE in FilesystemAlterationMonitor when the directory is not
readable (JCI-68)
o Compiling classes with cross imports using Janino no longer causes a
stack overflow (JCI-53)
o FilesystemAlterationMonitor no longer throws a NPE when calling stop()
before start() (JCI-62)
o EclipseJavaCompiler properly closes the InputStreams (JCI-58)
o Eclipse compiler settings are no longer ignored (JCI-50, JCI-51)
o Fixed an issue preventing the Eclipse compiler from loading resources
from the ResourceStore (JCI-56)


o Updated the API to use generics
o JaninoJavaCompiler is now compatible with Janino(2.6 (JCI-69)
o EclipseJavaCompiler is now compatible with the Eclipse JDT compiler 4.2.2
o Dropped the javac compiler since it only worked with Java 5 (JCI-73)
o Improved the thread safety of FilesystemAlterationMonitor (JCI-74)
o The FilesystemAlterationMonitor thread is now a daemon thread (JCI-65)
o The Eclipse compiler now supports source/target 1.7

Emmanuel Bourg

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