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From Adrian Crum <>
Subject Re: [csv] accessing primitives and other record values
Date Sat, 03 Aug 2013 15:50:21 GMT
Have you considered recommending Commons Convert?

I agree that Java data type conversion is outside the scope of CSV.


On 8/3/2013 8:36 AM, Gary Gregory wrote:
> Hi All:
> I recently added these CSVRecord APIs: getBoolean(String), getInt(String),
> getLong(String), getBigInteger(String).
> Some people are OK with this, some consider this out of scope, some
> consider it not necessary for 1.0, some -1, some are worried about feature
> creep (default values, Calendar, Date, List, and so on), some think the
> Javadoc should be clearer.
> At the very least I think we should document how to access or convert typed
> values. We could:
> - Document the new APIs, or remove them AND:
> - Document how to use another Commons API
> - Document how to use another (non Commons) API
> - Document how to do it all yourself
> - Create a CSVRecrord wrapper class that contains all the APIs where the
> implementation may or may not delegate to another Commons API.
> No matter what, it's pretty obvious that this conversion code is going to
> exist somewhere, in the user's app, in [csv] or someplace else.
> We should make a plan such that if we do not provide this feature in 1.0,
> we have a roadmap for our users.
> Gary

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