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From Patrick Meyer <>
Subject Re: [Math] Cleaning up the curve fitters
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2013 16:27:56 GMT
My vote was not directed toward the technical merits of the optimization
package. I am not an expert on optimization and I trust you in this regard.
My vote was a comment on the usability of the API. I find it to be
increasing difficult to use.

Maybe I have missed some refactoring, but why all of the depreicated
classes like

On Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 10:58 AM, Gilles <>wrote:

> You have done a pretty good job in making the optimization package
>>> non-sensical to user.
>> +1
> Check your facts ("svn log", JIRA, this ML), please: All modifications
> were done in plain sight, and responded to identified problems which
> I cared to solve.
> I do not deny that it could have raised issues for cases which I did
> not foresee. But all the requests for clearly defined
>   use-cases,
>   benchmarks,
>   actual (i.e. working) code examples,
> have been met with unhelpful "do it yourself" statements.[1]
> Whatever we try here, including going somewhat in the direction you
> suggested for singling out algorithms aimed at solving a (non-linear)
> "leastsquares" problem:[2]
> raises unsubstantiated criticism that never[3] translated into
> _practical_ advice[4] on how to improve the code.
> Gilles
> [1] What _I_ observed and used led me to try out what I think are
>     improvements. I you think otherwise, _you_ have to get your hands
>     dirty too.
> [2] Except that, at this point, it makes more sense for me, as a user,
>     to put it under (model) "fitting" rather than "optim", for the
>     reason I gave previously.
> [3] And that means: NEVER.
> [4] That is: an alternative Java code that compiles, runs and produces
>     correct answers.
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