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From Simone Tripodi <>
Subject [chain] improving current registry and configuration APIs
Date Mon, 27 May 2013 07:31:14 GMT
Hi all Chain-ers,

I had yet another small review yesterday[1] at current Configuration
APIs and I am not satisfied yet for the following reasons:

 * org.apache.commons.chain2.CatalogFactory should maybe moved from
`core` module to the `api` module;

 * org.apache.commons.chain2.CatalogFactory is an abstract class, but
the static `getInstance()` method relies to a specific concrete

 * org.apache.commons.chain2.CatalogFactory mixes the concept of
Factory and Registry - more I read that codebase, more I get confused,
IMHO it should be split in two different classes with two different

 * after introducing the configuration facade APIs,
lost its purpose - I suggest to drop it and make the CatalogFactory
completely un-aware of the existence of the configuration.

 * the most confusing part is still, IMHO, how the config APIs work:
the org.apache.commons.chain2.config.ConfigParser#parse(URL) method
parses a textual format of Chain representation and populates
org.apache.commons.chain2.CatalogFactory retrieving the static
singleton instance and populate it... IMHO, it would be easier if the
`parse(URL)` method just returns a CatalogFactory instance.

This is just to start, I think much more will come when I'll have
another look at current codebase.

Now, the question is: is there any committer(s)/contributor(s) that
can/wishes to help on the Chain component? Due to my reduced spare
time slot, I cannot handle it all alone and it would be good, after
more than one year of work, speaking about an RC :)

Many thanks in advance, all the best!


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