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From Oliver Kopp <>
Subject [Graph] Missing algorithms
Date Fri, 31 May 2013 15:34:53 GMT
Dear Bruno,

> He's willing to contribute to commons-graph too. Do you know if there's any algorithm
that would be easier to implement and that no one is working on porting to commons-graph ATM,

I'm not tracking a list of who is porting which algorithm to
commons-graph. I think, that should be tracked in JIRA at, possibly as sub
tasks :)

What is not in the list, missing and IMHO easy to implement is "A
Simple, Fast Dominance Algorithm by Cooper, Keith  D.  and Harvey,
Timothy  J.  and Kennedy, Ken".

There is an GPL implementation based on JGraphT
(com.jopdesign.wcet.graphutils.Dominators<V, E>), but I'm currently
not finding the source itself. Since Apache does not want to be
infected by GPL code, it might be better to "just" implement the paper



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