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From Rodion Efremov <>
Subject [Graph] On activity of Sandbox Graph
Date Thu, 16 May 2013 13:07:37 GMT
Hello all.

Have attached the patch containing bidirectional Dijkstra SSSP algo + 
tests at org.apache.commons.graph.shortestpath (issue SANDBOX-457) in 
hope someone will review it. The benchmark is telling:
   applyingDijkstra():              time.warmup: 0.30, time.bench: 1.09
   applyingBidirectionalDijkstra(): time.warmup: 0.01, time.bench: 0.04
both on the same connected graph and identical sequences of <source, 
target> -pairs.

Couple of questions:
(a) What is the average duration between sending a patch P and getting 
it reviewed by a committer, assuming P will draw some attention 
(b) Is it possible that a patch to a Sandbox component will be ignored 
for a very looong time in favor of more important issues going on in 
*Commons Proper*?


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