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From "Honton, Charles" <>
Subject Re: [ALL] Cobertura and Parent POM
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2013 20:16:25 GMT
I recommend changing code coverage to jacoco with a skip.jacoco property.
[see for reasons]


On 4/4/13 1:03 PM, "sebb" <> wrote:

>CP 28 moved Cobertura to a profile called "reporting".
>The profile was activated by default, but could be disabled by using
>IIRC, the idea was to move expensive (long-running) reports to a profile
>that could be disabled if necessary.
>However Cobertura causes problems with some projects, and the project
>to be unmaintained, so perhaps it would be sensible to disable Cobertura
>In which case the profile and property should be renamed to reflect the
>fact that it only affects Cobertura.
>Possibly even drop Cobertura entirely from the parent POM.
>However, I think it is important that some code coverage tool is used.

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