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From sebb <>
Subject [ALL] "current" links in download directories
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2013 19:34:04 GMT
Some components have "current" links in the top-level dist/ directories.

For example:

has several such links.

These are presumably supposed to always point to the current latest release.
However, they are tricky to maintain (perhaps more so now we are
moving to svnpubsub).

Also they don't behave well. For example, if one downloads the link,
the file is named after the link, not the target, so it's not clear
exactly what has been downloaded. Also one cannot tell what file is
being referenced.

In fact, looking at the files uploaded to

it appears that the entries are copies of the files, not actually
links, so the links clearly are tricky to maintain. Also there are now
two copies of each of the files in SVN, and these will appear on each
3rd party mirror. Not ideal.

The links are expensive in maintenance and disk space.

I think they should be deleted unless there is a very good use-case
for keeping them.  This seems very unlikely, as no-one has complained
about the Commons components that don't have the links.


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