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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [SITE] more broken links - menu items in LHS for proper components
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2013 16:44:10 GMT
On 6 March 2013 16:30, sebb <> wrote:
> There are yet more broken links on the commons site for all components.
> Most of the stuff below "Project Reports" is broken; the only links
> that aren't are the external ones, i.e. those that don't point to
> This is presumably because the components are now under proper/ rather
> than at the top level.
> Now the dormant and sandbox sites look OK.
> This is because their POMs have URLs of the form:
> <url></url>
> and
>  <url></url>
> So we presumably need to update all the proper pom.xml with URLs of the form
>  <url></url>
> Note: there's another issue here, which is that the Sandbox and
> Dormant <url> entries are wrong, because the directories have been
> renamed to add a commons- prefix.

Actually, just found out that the dormant sites don't have the commons- prefix.

I suspect the prefix should be dropped for sandbox and proper too.

> So:
> do we have to fix all the dormant and sandbox poms as well?
> Or should the directories lose their commons-prefix?
> Whatever happens we'll need to fix the proper POMS to add the /proper/
> path element to the <url>.

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