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From "Becksfort, Jared" <Jared.Becksf...@STJUDE.ORG>
Subject [math] Checkstyle
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2013 16:14:22 GMT

I am using the Apache Common XML file to format my code submissions in Eclipse.  Gilles says
my last submission has some CheckStyle warnings, so I installed the CheckStyle plugin.  It
gives tons of warnings, including some that go against the posted style guidelines, such as
"All public methods must advertise all exceptions they generate...".  It also complains about
lines being too wide, but the XML file configuration does not wrap certain types of lines.
 There are lots of others, including spaces following the asterisks in the javadocs, which
surely the autoformatter could handle.

I admit that I am using CheckStyle for the first time, so maybe it is a simpler process to
fix that it first appears.  But it seems like an annoying barrier to entry for contributors
who submit working code to have to figure out which lines to reformat spaces, wrapping, exceptions
etc.  Is there not an automatic way that the committers of the project can auto format the
code without CheckStyle warnings?  If not, I wonder why formatting with the supplied XML file
does not drastically reduce the number of CheckStyle warnings.


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