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From Thomas Neidhart <>
Subject Re: [Math] MATH-917 (Was: [math] releasing 3.2?)
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2013 21:48:59 GMT
On 03/26/2013 08:07 PM, Thomas Neidhart wrote:
> On 03/26/2013 01:38 PM, Gilles wrote:
>>>> [...]
>>>>>> There is at least one contribution requiring some feedback (MATH-917).
>>>>> I have added a first patch and would love to get some feedback.
>>>> It seems we are really close to releasing now. I guess MATH-817 will be
>>>> resolved soon. What seems to be achievable in a short time frame
>>>> would be:
>>>>   - wrapping up MATH-917 as Thomas proposed,
>>>>   - finishing MATH-437 (Kolmogorov-Smirnov), and perhaps also
>>>>     MATH-228 at the same time
>>>>   - removing cobertura from parent
>>>> I would propose to postpone MATH-873, MATH-923 and MATH-874 to 4.0.
>>>> What do you think?
>>> Looks good. I will finish my work on MATH-917 till Wednesday the latest.
>> I wonder whether "Clusterable" should be (the generic type seems
>> superfluous):
> you are right, I did remove the generic type already in my local
> environment.
>> public interface Clusterable {
>>   double[] getClusteringData();
>> }
>> And the "distance" interface simplified to:
>> public interface Distance {
>>   double compute(double[] a, double[] b);
>> }
>> The concept being more general than just for clustering, the interface and
>> its implementations probably belong elsewhere, e.g. in "o.a.c.m.util" (or
>> perhaps even better as static inner classes of "MathArrays").
> I thought about this too, but the downside would be that any Clusterable
> must have a double[] internally. Having dimension() and component(int)
> methods is more flexible imho, but both approaches have their benefits.
>> "AbstractClusterer" should be immutable (i.e. no distance setter).
>> If using interfaces, the "getDistanceMeasure" method should probably appear
>> in one of them. Maybe:
>> public interface Clusterer<T extends Clusterable> {
>>   List<? extends Cluster<T>> cluster(Collection<T> points);
>>   Distance getDistance();
>> }
>> However, in line with what we've been doing the last 3 or 4 years,
>> "Clusterer" could just be an abstract class.
> I was musing about making the Clusterer implementations immutable, or to
> create setters for their necessary parameters, e.g. the k parameter for
> k-means.
> Otherwise you have to create a new object each time you want to change
> something, would this be acceptable?
> Another thing that I changed locally: the KMeans clusterer currently
> supports multi-evaluation with a separate method. This could be moved to
> a separate class MultiKMeansPlusPlusClusterer, which allows to use it
> with the same Clusterer interface.

I have updated the patch, and also taken your suggestions into account.
Right now the Clusterable interface is untouched, but the
DistanceMeasure interface now accepts double[] as input.

The AbstractClusterer provides a convenience method to calculate the
distance of two Clusterable instances by converting them first to arrays
and then calling DistanceMeasure#compute.

I think it is a good compromise, but it would also be easy to change the
Clusterable interface to just return a double[].


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