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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject [all] replacing cobertura with jacoco in parent pom
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2013 10:01:42 GMT
Hi all,

We have already discussed about some problems with the cobertura maven
plugin (see <> and

As a summary, cobertura seems to not be maintained, there are some bugs
that trigger errors with [math] (see for example
it takes ages on some tests: on my machine, which is not really fast, it
takes about 9 hours to run [math]!

As suggested in the threads above, I have tried to remove
instrumentation for the too long BOBYQA tests using this:








It failed, the tests are still take ages to run. I tried to add the
previous setting in either build or report sections, none worked.

It therefore appear there is nothing we can do at [math] level to
prevent this, despite the offending tests do run properly in many cases
outside of cobertura (there are random errors with exceeded iteration
count from time to time).

As we are heading to publish [math] 3.2, it is a very huge problem for
us. It already was for 3.1.1, and it will be as long as we don't remove

As shown with the sonar instance, Jacoco does a fairly good job at
computing coverage.However, it seems it is not as well integrated into
maven reports as cobertura. In another project, I had to set up a custom
entry in the menu to point to the generated pages in the site menu.

Would it be possible to replace cobertura with jacoco in parent pom,
either with a manual link to the generated page or with a proper
integration with other reports?

best regards,

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