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From Thomas Neidhart <>
Subject [CANCEL][VOTE] Release of Commons Logging 1.1.2 based on RC1
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2013 18:49:21 GMT
On 03/05/2013 11:08 PM, Thomas Neidhart wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to call a vote for releasing Commons Logging 1.1.2 based on RC1.
> This release candidate has the following changes compared to 1.1.1
> (copied from the release notes):
> Fixed Bugs:
> o LOGGING-124:  The jar manifest now contains proper OSGi-related
> metadata information.
> o LOGGING-144:  LogFactory and LogFactoryImpl will not swallow certain
> errors anymore (ThreadDeath and VirtualMachineError).
> o LOGGING-132:  Jdk14Logger now correctly uses the specified logger name.
> o LOGGING-146:  Properly synchronize access to protected static field
> LogFactory.nullClassLoaderFactory.
> o LOGGING-119:  Prevent potential deadlock scenario in WeakHashtable.
> o LOGGING-130:  Potential missing privileged block for class loader.
> o LOGGING-145:  LogFactoryImpl.setAttribute - possible NPE.
> o LOGGING-142:  Log4JLogger uses deprecated static members of Priority
> such as INFO.
> o LOGGING-128:  Static analysis suggests a number of potential improvements.
> o LOGGING-147:  SimpleLog.log - unsafe update of shortLogName.
> o LOGGING-148:  LogFactory.diagnosticPrefix and diagnosticsStream could
> be final.
> Changes:
> o LOGGING-135:  Improved thread-safety for several log adapters,
> including AvalonLogger, SimpleLog, Log4JLogger, LogKitLogger.
> o LOGGING-138:  In case of a discovery failure now also the stacktrace
> of the cause will be added to the diagnostic message.
> o LOGGING-133:  Change scope of Jdk14Logger.log(Level, String,
> Throwable) to protected, allowing subclasses to modify the logging output.
> The files:
> The artifacts are deployed to Nexus:
> The tag:
> The site:
> Additional Notes:
> o the download page and api links to older releases only work on
>   the published site and will be corrected after release.
> Please take a look at the commons-logging-1.1.2 artifacts and vote!
> ------------------------------------------------
> [ ] +1 release it.
> [ ] +0 go ahead; I don't care.
> [ ] -0 there are a few minor glitches: ...
> [ ] -1 no, do not release it because ...
> ------------------------------------------------

This message cancels the vote, the following problems have been found:

 a) source/binary distribution not deployed
 b) WeakHashtableTestCase takes a long time with IBM JDK

ad a)

the binary assembly descriptor contains the following:


which requires the site to be built to create the assemblies.
Commenting this out, and calling:

mvn clean assembly:assembly deploy -Ptest-deploy

creates them correctly, but they are not in the target/deploy folder,
needs further investigation.

ad b)

the mentioned test case has the following code at the end:

        // some JVMs seem to take a little time to put references on
        // the reference queue once the reference has been collected
        // need to think about whether this is enough to justify
        // stepping through the collection each time...
        while(testQueue.poll() == null) {}

with IBM JDK 6 this takes a very long time, even when forcing a GC from
e.g. jconsole. Also needs further investigation, refactor the test code.


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