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From Jean-Marc Borer <>
Subject Re: [VFS] UserAuthenticationData enhancement
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2013 14:40:56 GMT
OK guys, thank you for your feedback. I'll provide those patches, but
it is difficult sometimes to keep up with them because the source code
in trunk changes and patches may conflict (it happened recently to me
after making a update).

Would it be possible for me to become a commiter for HTTP and webdav
parts? You could need my help ;)



On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 10:40 AM, Jörg Schaible
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> Benedikt Ritter wrote:
>> Hello Jean-Marc
>> 2013/2/28 Jean-Marc Borer <>
>>> Jörg, I am new to this list and project. I have actively contributed
>>> to VFS especially to the HTTP and Webdav parts. When I file an issue
>>> or a request for improvement, I also publish a patch.
>> Nice that you've joined us!
>>> Where can I find the information if my patch will be
>>> accepted/integrated in which version and when it is planned to be
>>> released, etc?
>> commons does not provide road maps for components. Usually when some one
>> starts to work on a new release he will go through all the open issues and
>> decide which can be included in the release (for example new features can
>> not be included in bugfix releases).
>> Committers will review your patch and give you feedback about it. If a
>> patch matches all requirements your patch will be included in the latest
>> trunk and you can be sure that it will be included in the next release.
>> This maybe unsatisfying if you need the functionality you provided with
>> your patches, but please remember that commons (like every other ASF
>> project) is a volunteer based community. People are reviewing patches and
>> working on the source code in their free time. This is, why we can't make
>> promises on release dates.
>> VFS has received some attention from committers and users lately to a new
>> release in the next time is likely.
> thanks Benedikt for chiming in.
> Just an additional comment for VFS: This is a very special component, since
> it combines so many different technologies and 3rd party stuff. AFAICS none
> of the active committers actually know all of the providers in detail.
> Personally I was involved until now in the local FS, FTP/FTPS and SFTP
> stuff, but not in one of the others. This makes it really difficult for us
> to keep a general abstraction for all providers and review provided changes,
> enhancement requests or even completely donated new providers. Therefore it
> is obvious that changes may get more slowly incorporated than some stuff in
> commons-lang or commons-io.
> Cheers,
> Jörg
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