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From Gilles Sadowski <>
Subject Re: [Math] Location of the API docs on the web site
Date Tue, 01 Jan 2013 00:37:30 GMT
> > [...]
> >
> > The slight problem with the above is that there is only one version of the
> > user guide, and it refers (links) to the "apidocs" directory (i.e. "Latest
> > API" next time the site is generated).
> > 1. The user guide might not be in sync (i.e. giving examples that use an
> >    outdated API) with the Javadoc it points to.
> > 2. Some (most?) users might prefer to use the latest official release, but
> >    when reading the user guide, they will be referred to classes or method
> >    that may not exist in that version.
> Here again, the maybe not-clearly-communicated enough convention up
> to now has been the live site corresponds to active development
> (i.e. trunk); so examples and api docs in the user guide should be
> "latest."  We ship enough with the source release to generate the
> user guide for a release, so if users want the guide for the release
> they are using, they can generate it from source.  In the old, old
> days, we used to ship the full site with the binary distro, which
> included the user guide.  I guess we could consider publishing
> versioned user guides, but that is yet more content to manage on the
> web site.

It was just an observation; not an invitation to manage more with resources
which we don't have...

> I think its worth sneaking in a final deploy before pumpkin time to
> get latest javadoc (and links in the user guide) up.  Does mvn
> site:deploy still work to do that?

If the site exists (generated locally), then this command uploads it.
But if the final date was today, it's too late...
Anyways, the 3.1 docs is currently quite close to "latest".


> [...]

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