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From Dimitri Pourbaix <>
Subject Re: [math] major problem with new released version 3.1
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2012 16:12:10 GMT

> So in order to make sure I understand your point, you would be OK if I
> deprecate the non-diagonal weights, in which case users needing this
> would have to implement it themselves by premultiplication (as both you
> and Konstantin seem to propose)?

Yes, exactly.

> Sure, but for the record the feature was also a last minute change. This
> was discussed on the list, and the final decision was to add this
> feature despite the release was close. No wonder we failed to test it
> thoroughsly.

Last minute?  I have been discussing this with Gilles for several months.

> We don't expect our releases to be perfect. We do our best, with the
> resources we have.

I perfectly understand this but focusing those resources less on rules
and more on real cases might help.

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