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From Olivier Lamy <>
Subject Re: We will not be able to update our websites...
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2012 21:03:29 GMT
2012/12/18 Ralph Goers <>:
> On Dec 18, 2012, at 12:18 PM, Olivier Lamy wrote:
>> 2012/12/18 Ralph Goers <>:
>>> On Dec 18, 2012, at 9:10 AM, Olivier Lamy wrote:
>>>> 2012/12/18 Ralph Goers <>:
>>>>> I still don't understand why you are committing the subprojects to svn.
 That is not required.  Just use stage-deploy to deploy to a local directory on your computer,
then copy that under where you have the production web site checked out and check it in. 
>>>> As I can see in section "Managing Sub-project Sites" this doc says
>>>> "Make sure all that is added to svn and commit it."
>>>> So subsites must be checked in (here I configure this to be done tru a
>>>> maven plugin and not manually)
>>>> Infra will be able to use as production web site:
>>>> (or
>>>> but this one still doesn't exist, I will ping infra on the jira entry
>>>> for their preference).
>>> Step 6 is referring to checking it in directly to
in the subdirectory that is listed in extpaths.txt, not some other subversion location.  If
you look under log4j, for example, you will see a directory for each release and a directory
that is a symlink to the current release (for Log4j 2 the 2.x directory links to log4j-2.0-beta3.
>>>> So if you want sub-project sites available AFAIK this (check in all
>>>> content) must be done (or I misunderstand something: -)).
>>>> Makes sense ?
>>> Not really.
>> So maybe I misunderstood what you want to do.
>> What I understood:
>> 1) main site is build from
>> (and marked as cms content so possible to modify files via the cms ui)
>> technically a buildbot job run the maven build and commit the
>> generated site to
>> (this svn path
>> will serve as infra for web site content staging then live) (note I
>> did the change for infra requirement on sources structure)
>> 2) due to #1 sub project content (take lang) must be committed to
> This step is not necessary.  sub-project content can be committed directly to
depending on what is in extpaths.txt

Ok I see now (as I said in a previous mail) I believed you wanted to
use rather

>> 3) as lang is not generated by cms it must be added to extpaths file.
> This is true, unless it resides under a directory that was declared in extpaths.txt,
(for example, "proper" as in the second url above.
Definitely this must be done too much paths in extpaths will go in a
very very long publish tru the cms.
>> 4) committing sub project content will be done using the maven
>> scm-publish plugin (that's what I started to do)
> I don't do this.  I do mvn site:stage-deploy -DstaginngSiteURL=file:///Users/rgoers/log4j
 for my Log4j 2 web site. I zip it and publish it at p.a.o/~rgoers/log4j2 for review during
a release and then I do a "cp -r ~/log4j/*" to where I want it to go under where I have the
production web site checked out on my machine. After it is copied I remove the link from the
old release and create a link to the new release and then do an svn commit.
Maybe could be simpler with committing your staged versionned site to
log4j2-xxx (tru the maven plugin) for review and then modifying
.htaccess file (too prevent huge checkout on your machine and to
modify a symlink this probably won't work for windauze folks).
With this, just to do: deploy the site tru scm-pub plugin then when
vote passed only modify the .htaccess file
(that's just an idea)
>> Regarding your point on versionned  subsites, I don't such structure
>> here (no commons.a.o/lang-2.x)
> Correct. We are doing this in logging because it makes it easy to deploy a new release
of the web site.
>> So let me know what is your plan ?
>> I proposed to help but it looks I don't know exactly what is the plan
>> so that will be a bit complicated for me.
> The plan would be to follow what is published in the logging wiki link.  I'm not sure
why you think it is complicated. It should be simpler than what you are doing.
Now I have the information (consider I was committing stuff because as
already said I didn't know which url to use)
> Ralph
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