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From Gilles Sadowski <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Commons Math 3.1
Date Sun, 16 Dec 2012 12:42:58 GMT

Please have a look at the Commons Math 3.1 release candidate.

Note about the web site: I've now found that the problem reported in
originates from not updating
For this RC, I manually changed the "index.html" in the staging area (so
that the site will have the link to the new apidocs named correctly).
As this does not touch the artefacts, I hope that this small glitch[1] will
not require a new RC.[2]




[ ] +1 Release it.
[ ] +0 Go ahead; I don't care.
[ ] -0 There are a few minor glitches: ...
[ ] -1 No, do not release it because ...

This vote will close in 72 hours.


[1] That is: the tag's "src/site/site.xml" file does not produce the correct
    "index.html" file (as it is now in the staging area).
[2] It takes almost 4 hours to run "mvn site" (on a quite recent machine)
    because of the sluggishness of the "test" target under Cobertura.

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