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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [math] OneWayAnova with SummaryStatistics
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2012 15:25:43 GMT
Thanks for your contribution and your kind words below.  Its always
best to attach patches to JIRA tickets so they don't get lost in the
din of the mailing list.  Should you contribute more in the future -
which you are certainly encouraged to do - its really no more work
to just open a JIRA [1] and attach your code to the ticket.  I just
opened MATH-877 to track this issue.

Thanks again.


[1]  (Getting Started

On 10/9/12 7:21 AM, Peter Andrews wrote:
> I have implemented a version of OneWayAnova which uses
> SummaryStatistics rather than requiring the array of doubles.
> I know that there is a whole process for submitting code but I am
> under a deadline so sending this email with the code is all I am
> going to do.
> A couple of notes:
>  1. I would have maintained the same signature structure simply
>     adding methods that supported Collection<SummaryStatistics>
>     but that creates an error because it has the same Signature
>     due to type erasure on Collection<double[]>.
>  1. I did not see why certain cases such as having only one array
>     or number of elements < 2 should necessarily throw exceptions
>     -- the math still works out and gives reasonable results so
>     given point #1, I differentiated the function signatures by
>     adding a boolean to optionally skip the checks and therefore
>     not not throw DimensionMismatchException.

> Minor note: I understand that you cannot change it at this point
> but there is no reason for this class not to abstract with static
> methods since it has no state.
> Do with this what you will.
> Thanks for the wonderful tools you provide.
> Peter Andrews
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