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From luc <>
Subject Re: [all] xdoc vs. apt
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2012 07:34:37 GMT
Le 2012-09-18 07:46, Sébastien Brisard a écrit :
> Hi,

Hi Sébastien,

> 2012/9/18 Sébastien Brisard <>:
>> Hi,
>> thanks for these answers.
>> I agree that apt does not seem much better than xdoc, but it at 
>> least
>> offers table formatting and so on.
>> So can anyone recommend a good format? Otherwise, I'm quite happy 
>> with xhtml.
>> An option I'm going to look at at work is sphinx [1]. It has become
>> widely spread in the python community and is based on the 
>> restructured
>> text format.
>> More importantly (for Commons-Math), it supports formulas, either 
>> with
>> dvipng (requires a local installation of LaTeX), or Mathjax (which 
>> is
>> pretty good, and could also be used in xhtml).

Having something compatible with Mathjax would be a tremendous step 
forward for
[math]. I would really love to see this happen! Formulas based on 
dvipng are
really not good. There are always problems of font sizes (for inline or 
formulas, for some browsers like mobile devices) and they are not 
friendly with
parsers like search engines or screen readers for visually impaired 

>> I can report on my experiments with this format.

I am really interested in reading about this. On a side note, for 
another project
I am involved in, do you know if sphinx is compatible with the 
chiliproject forge?

best regards,

>> Best regards,
>> Sébastien
>> [1]
> I forgot to add that there are apparently maven plugins for Sphinx...
> Sébastien
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