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From Gary Gregory <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Commons Codec 1.7-RC2
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:26:44 GMT
Hello All:

This is a VOTE to release Commons Codec 1.7-RC2.

The differences with RC1 are:

- Added missing ASF header to
- Fixed failing tests on IBM JVM and removed related release notes
- Changes in changes.xml.
- Added JRE requirement to release notes.

Commons Codec 1.7 requires a minimum of Java 1.6

Changes in this version include:

New features:
o CODEC-157:  DigestUtils: Add MD2 APIs. Thanks to ggregory.
o CODEC-156:  DigestUtils: add APIs named after standard algorithm name
SHA-1. Thanks to ggregory.
o CODEC-155:  DigestUtils.getDigest(String) should throw
IllegalArgumentException instead of RuntimeException. Thanks to ggregory.
o CODEC-153:  Create a class MessageDigestAlgorithms to define standard
algorithm names. Thanks to ggregory.
o CODEC-152:  DigestUtils.getDigest(String) loses the original exception.
Thanks to ggregory.
o CODEC-151:  Remove unnecessary attempt to fill up the salt variable in
UnixCrypt. Thanks to lathspell.
o CODEC-150:  Remove unnecessary call to Math.abs(). Thanks to lathspell.
o CODEC-148:  More tests and minor things. Thanks to lathspell.
o CODEC-146:  Added regression tests for PhoneticEngine based on
Solr-3.6.0. Thanks to Julius Davies.
o CODEC-139:  DigestUtils: add updateDigest methods and make methods
public. Thanks to dsebastien.
o CODEC-133:  Add classes for MD5/SHA1/SHA-512-based Unix crypt(3) hash
variants. Thanks to lathspell.
o CODEC-130:  Base64InputStream.skip skips underlying stream, not output.
Thanks to tn.
o CODEC-63:   Implement NYSIIS phonetic encoder. Thanks to bayard.

Fixed Bugs:
o CODEC-96:   Base64 encode() method is no longer thread-safe, breaking
clients using it as a shared BinaryEncoder.
              Note: the fix breaks binary compatibility, however the
changes are to a class (BaseNCodec) which is
              intended for internal use. Thanks to sebb.
o CODEC-138:  Complete FilterInputStream interface for
o CODEC-136:  Use Charset objects when possible, create Charsets for
required character encodings.
o CODEC-132:  BeiderMorseEncoder OOM issues. Thanks to rcmuir.
o CODEC-131:  DoubleMetaphone javadoc contains dead links. Thanks to smolav.

o CODEC-147:  BeiderMorseEncoder/PhoneticEngine: make results deterministic
by using a LinkedHashSet
              instead of a HashSet.
o CODEC-143:  StringBuffer could be replaced by StringBuilder for local

This VOTE is open for at least 72 hours until September 14 2012 at 9:30 AM

The files:

The tag:

The site:

Note that the JIRA report is empty and it is a known issue in the Maven
JIRA plugin and that requires a new plugin version.

Thank you,
Gary Gregory

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