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From Duncan Jones <>
Subject [lang] Etiquette regarding updating test classes to use JUnit 4 annotations
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2012 17:59:49 GMT

While working on a patch for LANG-799, I ran into a problem where I
couldn't use JUnit4 Assume.* methods because the
extends TestCase (forcing JUnit3 behaviour), rather than using JUnit4

Is it rude to adjust this class to use JUnit4 annotations? There seem
to be other classes that avoid extending TestCase, including (whose SVN history shows a previous port to
using JUnit4 lingo).

I don't want to muddy my patch with a major test code refactory, so
for now I will work around the missing Assume.* functionality. But I'd
like to know the approach to take in the future - should I raise a bug
against a particular test file with a patch to port it? Should there
be a bug that requests the port of all test files to JUnit4?

Kind regards,

Duncan Jones

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