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From Thomas Neidhart <>
Subject Re: [codec] Getting ready for an RC
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2012 20:27:01 GMT
On 09/02/2012 10:17 PM, Gary Gregory wrote:
> On Sep 2, 2012, at 15:51, sebb <> wrote:
>> On 2 September 2012 19:45, Gary Gregory <> wrote:
>>> Hi All:
>>> There has been a recent mini-flury of changes in codec as a release
>>> candidate is approaching.
>>> Thank you to all the committers and patchers for helping codec move closer
>>> to another release.
>>> This coming week or next weekend, I'd like to roll an RC.
>>> Does anyone want to discuss anything or fiddle with code before I proceed?
>> DigestUtils shaHex methods have been deprecated in favour of sha1Hex;
>> as such I would expect the shaHex implementations to delegate to sha1.
>> Instead they have their own implementations; it is only by comparison
>> with the sha1 versions that one can see they are the same.
> It is not clear to me that calling DigestMessage with "SHA" and
> "SHA-1" does the same thing because different objects are returned,
> likely because neither are cached. Because "SHA" is not an official
> name I did not want to take the risk. If both names are aliases, then
> we can and should redirect one to the other.

the official page about standard names for security algorithms does not
list SHA, but SHA-1:

Strangely, the javadoc page for MessageDigest uses SHA as example:

According to this stackoverflow page SHA and SHA-1 should be synonyms:

Will do a more in-depth review of the code this week, just been quite
busy atm with other non-tech stuff.


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