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From Gilles Sadowski <>
Subject Re: [all] xdoc vs. apt
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2012 13:49:33 GMT
Hi Luc.

> > [...]
> >>
> >>So at least we have to think a little about it.
> >>
> >Another option would be this: since maven-site works with strict
> >xhtml
> >(unlike javadoc), we can embed MathML code in our pages. I'm not sure
> >how we would do it in xdoc or apt, but we can certainly write our
> >user's guide in xhtml (which would not make much of a difference as
> >compared to xdoc). I know MathML is (very) verbose, but our site
> >would
> >then be fully self-sufficient. One approach I use quite consistently
> >is to write MathML objects in *.mml files, which are included in the
> >xhtml file.
> Please, don't go that way. MathML is really tough to write and to
> read. It is something
> that should be done only by tools, it's not an authoring environment.
> Really, MathJax (I think Gilles was the first to suggest it years
> ago)

Sorry, wrong pick again. ;-)
IIRC, I once proposed to use something that would have allowed to insert
LaTeX snippets in the Javadoc.
[But I've now changed my mind (see my previous message).]

> is a very good
> option with its support to simpler syntax than MathML. Perhaps the
> concerns I have
> about hosting the files are stupid. Perhaps even if we decide to
> host these files
> it would be easy to do use local files for our own servers and have
> the regular maven
> build for users use the public cdn files.
> This is clearly related also to our migration to svnpubsub as this
> will for sure
> force us to change other things too.

Nobody (among CM contributors) had the time to have a look at what needs to
be done about this "svnpubsub" in order to update the CM part of the site.
IMHO, this tells something about how risky it is to depend on tools that
only a very few of us will have the time to learn.


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