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From Olivier Lamy <>
Subject Re: [site] yet another proposal on how to restyle the commons site
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2012 20:59:18 GMT

2012/8/30 Simone Tripodi <>:
> Salut Luc,
>> These are good news. Would we be able with this setting to go to svnpubsub?
> yes they will work, skin and SCM publishing are unrelated stuff -
> Olivier Lamy, which is also commons committer, already did the job for
> Apache DirectMemory via a new mvn plugin called scm-publish, hopefully
> we can provide us a guideline.
> I will invite him to publicly explain us how to manage the SvnPubSub.
Yup this plugin works (and you can simply use as today mvn site-deploy
for a single module build :-) )
I tested that for directmemory.a.o and archiva.a.o
Note the archiva is a bit more complicated as it included more than
one reactor but some sub site.
But in the commons case I would recommend something similar we are
testing for maven site
Note this site include a lot of sub site (versionned plugins
documentation, shared components, scm etc...)
But if using the plugin for svnsubpub this means checkout too much
content for just deploying a plugin site.
olamy@minotaur:~$ du -sh /www/
6.3G	/www/
olamy@minotaur:~$ du -sh /www/
2.3G	/www/

So we are trying a mixed solution :-) (branch:
The main site is build tru cms (a buildbot job run maven site plugin
and push content then we can publish to live:
The sub sites are deployed using the scmpub sub plugin. To avoid
pubsub to delete those sub parts (because there are not generated via
buildbot job), we worked with infra for configuring subpath to not
delete in a file called expath.txt

This plugin is in maven sandbox
Quick explanation of how that works:
* checkout (by default) or update of the target svnpub path to a local directory
* list all files from the original and the new deployed site directory
* compare both content
* scm add for new files, scm delete for deleted files
* copy files from deployed site directory to directory with checkout
content (fix possible line ending issues)
* checkin
* et voilĂ 

I'm satisfied by how that works today :-) I will probably release a
first version next week (as I need that for releasing archiva) before
I will test that works with github for gh pages site.

Let me know if you need more details.

> Thanks!
> -Simo
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