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From Craig Skinfill <>
Subject [vfs] Implementing a provider for GridFS
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2012 19:38:44 GMT
I'm looking to implement a provider for Gridfs
( and its unclear if a
FileSystem represents a single "filesystem" or is used for all
filesystems that are gridfs based.  Meaning, if I have two gridfs
systems and I want to copy a file from


would i expect 2 instances of FileSystem to be created?  Or one?  If
one, what's the recommend places to create the actual client code that
connects to the system?  I see in the SftpFileSystem it looks like
that filesystem is created from the FileProvider and has the specific
host in it.  Does that mean a given VFS file Manager can only interact
with 1 sftp host at a time?

Anyone else working on a gridfs provider?

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