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From Gilles Sadowski <>
Subject [Math] Issues 764 and 823
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2012 21:46:14 GMT

Referring to the discussion here:

Do we agree:
 * To add new constructors to the distribution classes (in package
   "o.a.c.m.distribution") that take a "RandomGenerator" (in package
   "o.a.c.m.random") as an argument?
 * That this argument (reference) will be stored in the distribution
   object but can be manipulated from outside (e.g. "setSeed") so that
   the class is not strictly immutable? [Immutability is impossible to
   enforce since there is no way to copy such an object.]
 * That the distribution classes do not need a setter for the RNG, nor a
   a method to re-seed the RNG? [I.e. if a user wants a new RNG, he must
   instantiate a new distribution object.]
 * That the ad-hoc code of the sampling methods currently in
   "RandomDataImpl" (in package "o.a.c.m.random") will be moved over to the
   "sample" method in the correpsonding distribution class?
 * That "RandomData" and "RandomDataImpl" will be refactored so that methods
   that duplicate functionality transferred to the distribution will
   deprecated in 3.1 and removed in 4.0?
 * That the interface "RandomData" and its unique implementation
  ("RandomDataImpl") will be merged in 4.0?


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