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From Simone Tripodi <>
Subject Re: [BeanUtils2] Some proposals for an exception name
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2012 08:29:49 GMT
Guten morgen, Bene,

> My personal favorite is ReflectionException. I don't think, that we
> should prefix classes wie BeanUtils*, because this information is
> contained in the fully qualified class name.

+1 I wouldn't happy at all to add a BeanUtilsException,
ReflectionException sounds the good candidate for me as well, with
following potential hierarchy:

 - PropertyNotFoundException
 - ReaderMethodNotFoundException
 - WriterMethodNotFoundException
 - ...

> The problem is, that
> there is already a ReflectionException in javax [2]. So I guess we can
> not use that name?

I don't see where the issue could be, since full qualified names would
be different: !=

there are no chances for a naming conflict.

A suggestion:

we are often using the String.format() method to format Exception
messages - which is very good, IMHO - and since we are introducing a
new Exception we can take advantage for reducing its use, centralizing
the message format in the new exception itself, have a look at the
Digester's ErrorMessage <>

Alles gute und dankeshön,

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