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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: [pool] 2.0 release
Date Sun, 24 Jun 2012 20:38:54 GMT
On 24/06/2012 20:41, Phil Steitz wrote:
> On 6/24/12 12:00 PM, sebb wrote:
>> Nexus does not prevent any of this; it is a staging repo.
> It does block what used to be a simple, controlled process
> 0) generate, test and sign artifacts locally
> 1) upload to p.a.o
> 2) vote
> 3) move to release locations
> Now you need to count on maven to "deploy" to the staging repo and
> then move things across the network somehow to /dist.  
> Unless, as you point out below, you make the actual release
> artifacts first and then "publish" to maven central separately. 
> Unfortunately, that ends up requiring two votes, because you can't
> just move stuff into the staging repo (unless there is some way to
> do that, which would be great).

This is doable. The Tomcat project already does this. See [1]. You want
to follow the deploy-release target. With the added bonus that this
script does not require passwords to be stored locally anywhere, whether
'encrypted' or not.

There are a couple of manual steps (see the README in the same
directory) required to get to a release but the fundamental requirement
(you have some JARs stored somewhere (locally, p.a.o, wherever)  that
you want in Maven central) is met by this process.




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