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From Joseph Kesselman <>
Subject [bsf]
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2012 16:01:12 GMT
Just a quick note/quibble re BSF's history:

I, Joe Kesselman (the same IBMer who contributed some code to Xerces and 
quite a lot to Xalan) did a lot of the early prototyping work on BSF. 
The concept and initial sketch was certainly Sanjiva's, as part of some 
other bean composition work we were doing, but I was working with him 
and he had handed it off to me for further implementation and debugging. 
For example, I implemented the first version of the Java-style signature 
matching logic; before that we had required exact type matches.

(Feel free to ask Sanjiva to confirm this.)

So I'd appreciate not being completely left out of the credits!

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