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From Michael Heuer <>
Subject Re: [PARENT] release of pom packaging project fails jar plugin
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2012 17:44:53 GMT
Jörg Schaible wrote:
> Michael Heuer wrote:
>> I'm forwarding this message originally sent to users@maven that
>> received no response.  Perhaps dev@commons is more appropriate.
> why do you think, that extending from Apache Commons parent is a good thing?
> This parent is crafted so that it fits exactly our (Apache Commons) needs.
> It is considered internal and is not designed to work for all cases
> (especially outside its environment).
> Said that, if you provide patches for this POM that have no side-effects for
> all our components, we might consider to apply them, but don't expect that
> someone is maintaining/developing this parent POM like any other Commons
> component.
> IMHO, you're better off if you copy the interesting parts into a shared
> parent of your own.

Thank you for the response, Jörg.

That is what I have done, copy the interesting bits from the commons
and Apache parents into our internal parent.  We're not extending from

I'm not seeing how the commons parent with its release profiles can
work for pom packaging projects (such as the parent project or
multimodule projects).  When commons-parent is released, are none of
the release profiles enabled (rc, release, apache-release)?  Are any
of the commons projects currently multimodule builds?


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