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From Elijah Zupancic <>
Subject [chain] CHAIN-66 Finished - Cookbook updated for new generics API
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2012 01:59:16 GMT
I've just finished work on updating the cookbook for the generics api.
Please see the patch attached to the following issue:

* Code examples in the cookbook have been added to the
apps/cookbook-examples project.
* I did not update the struts examples because I know nothing about struts.
* The example project does not build automatically as part of the main build.
* I did not do the conversion from the source cookbook.xml to its
intended output format. Although, it looks like an already converted
version is checked into source control.
* I updated the main pom so that it references the correct
checkstyle.xml rather than throw an error.
* I can't get the maven site to build, so if anyone wants to help with
that it will be appreciated.


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