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From Elijah Zupancic <>
Subject [chain] Example tests using Mockito
Date Sun, 01 Apr 2012 21:44:12 GMT
I'm busy updating the cookbook for the Chain project to use examples
that make use of the new 2.0 generics features. As part of the effort,
I'm adding the cookbook example code to the apps directory and making
all of the examples compilable with Maven. For most cases, this is
straight forward, however in some cases the cookbook uses isolated
examples that depend on resources beyond the scope of the example. For
these cases I would like to import Mockito as a dependency just to
have a clean way to stub out resources out of scope for the example.

Some key points regarding what I propose:

* Mockito will NOT be added as a dependency to any of the actual chain
source code (or tests).
* Mockito will be added as a dependency only to code usage examples.
* Mockito uses the MIT license.
* Mockito will be referenced as a library using Maven from the examples section.


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