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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject [PARENT] Optional package imports in OSGi header
Date Sat, 28 Apr 2012 15:07:47 GMT
Hi all,

there is a request [1] for [configuration] to mark the packages of 
certain dependencies in the OSGi manifest Import-Package header as 
optional. [configuration] has some optional dependencies to other 
Commons libraries; they are marked as optional in the pom, but this 
information is not reflected in the OSGi manifest. Maybe some other 
components are in the same situation?

Now it would be possible to pass this information manually to the maven 
bundle plug-in (by setting the ommons.osgi.import property). However, 
this manual approach is error-prone and has to be kept in sync with the pom.

There are some feature requests against the bundle plug-in [2, 3] which 
seem to indicate that the plug-in (in the version used by 
commons-parent) can detect the optional flag in the pom automatically 
and produce corresponding Import-Package headers. However, obviously 
this does not happen. And I did not find any specific configuration 
options to enable this feature.

So my question is: Are there any experts on this list who can shed some 
light on this issue? Or should we ask the Felix community? Maybe the 
manual approach is not that bad; as I see there are some controversial 
discussions about the usage of optional imports in OSGi (e.g. in [2]).



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