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From luc <>
Subject [lang] adding an implementation of the Myers difference algorithm
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2012 15:14:56 GMT

Some times ago, Thomas proposed an implementation of a Longest Commons 
Substring algorithm. At
that time I said I had another algorithm in the same spirit for the 
Myers difference algorithm.

I got the green light to provide this code base to the Apache Software 
Foundation. I will send
the Software Grant to secretary in a few minutes. Once the grant is 
registered, I will create a
Jira issue and attach the original code to it, then I will port it for 
inclusion into Commons.

The public API of this implementation takes two sequences of Object and 
provides as output an EditScript
which implements the visitor design pattern. By visiting the script, we 
can retrieve the differences
between the two sequences (objects inserted, object deleted) or we can 
retrieve the similarities
(sub-sequences that are in both initial sequences). We only use the 
"equals" method in the initial objects.

So my questions are:

  - in which component do we include this, we talked about [lang], is it 
right ?
  - the classes are in a "comparator" package, where should we put this 
package ?

best regards,

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