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From Gilles Sadowski <>
Subject [Math] maven: Problem with "clirr"
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2012 21:19:30 GMT

Clirr now fails the build on error:
[ERROR] Unable to find information in class org.apache.commons.math3.linear.SymmLQ referring
back to nested class org.apache.commons.math3.linear.SymmLQ$SymmLQEvent
[ERROR] Unable to find information in class
referring back to nested class$SimpleValueChecker

Since I don't know what causes those errors, I'd like to be able to skip
the "clirr" check altogether.

I tried to mimic settings suggested in an earlier messafe about skipping
lengthy report, i.e.
It didn't work.

I tried this:
as documented here:
It didn't work.


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