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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [parent] incorrect documentation on site
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2012 16:25:45 GMT
On 20 March 2012 15:43, Honton, Charles <> wrote:
> At, the section "Configuring the Java
Source/Target options" indicates I should use maven.compiler.source and
to specify the component's compiler version — However, the pom (version 24) uses maven.compile.source

That's unfortunate.

The Maven compiler plugin [1] uses maven.compiler.source, however for
some reason CP uses maven.compile.source.
[Maybe Maven1 used to use compile rather than compiler?]

So when using Commons Parent 24 (or before) one has to use "compile"
and if not, one has to use "compiler".

I guess we could fix that for CP25; however it would mean changing all
component POMs when upgrading.
Not a huge amount of work, and any component that failed to change the
property definition would likely fail to compile.
I'll raise a JIRA to keep it in mind.

Meanwhile I'll update the site.


> The links to the parent pom on this page refer to a version SNAPSHOT-25 of the pom.  What's
the latest released version?


We should probably fix the links so they point to the current released
POM rather than whatever is in trunk.

> Thanks,
> chas
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